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1- Something higher 
2- « yes, of course » 
3- Better friends 
4- Reading stones 
5- Rocket Trip to Nowhere 
6- Amsler Grid 
7- Myriads 
8- Barry Lyndon 
9- Lost


Release date : 20th November 2020
500 copies

Digital mp3
Vinyl 33rpm

In 2009, we released the wonderful album, “Lost” by Ela Orleans – a limited edition of 500 vinyls. 
After more than a two-year hiatus, we are back and honored to re-press “Lost” on vinyl (33 rpm) and for the first time on CD.
This reissue has been beautifully remastered by James Plotkin.

Ela Orleans is a Polish musician and multi-instrumentalist.
She plays violin, guitar, keyboard, synth and uses samples from her own collection of vinyl records.
The record was written, composed and recorded by Ela Orleans in New York in 2009,
with the exception of Track 9 written and composed by Bill Rivers. 
Wende K. Blass also contributed to the record, with guitar on Tracks 2, 5 and 8.

Each fragment of this album brings its own light, and song after song, light after light,
we continue to listen – since the first day we listened to it for the first time 11 years ago… 
With her hypnotic music and voice, fragments of loops, repetitions and music samples, “Lost” continues to resonate. 
When we first released “Lost”, we likened Ela Orleans to nico, lou and john : a Velvet Underground that would open
the window wide in the direction of Europe and Africa. 
The lyrics are a juxtaposition of poems by Ela Orleans, and shorts stories by Robert Walter, Sarah Teasdale, Bruno Schulz and Bill Rivers.
It’s a pleasure to reissue this masterpiece and have it available on La Station Radar.

Ela started to collaborate with La Station Radar in 2009, with “Ahata / Anahata” a cdr release with Liam Stefani aka Skitter, followed by her solo album “Lost”.
In 2010, she contributed to our “Fake tape serie” (a La Station Radar project)  with Skitter in “The Strongest Walls Open As I Pass”. In 2011, we released on La Station Radar her split LP 33 rpm with Dirty Beaches “Double Feature” and her third album “Mars is Heaven” LP 33 rpm.

Ela Orleans has been involved in a number of experimental / noise projects based in NYC, including 3i’s (with Marc Orleans and Pete Nolan), Ozone Swimmers (with Marc Orleans), Franklin’s Mint (with Phil Franklin) and played with Jackie O Motherfucker, Kevin Shea, Wende K. Blass and Scarcity of Tanks. She was also a member of Glasgow-based Hassle Hound, which has released records on Staubgold, Pickled Egg, Twisted Nerve and Textile records. She has also collaborated with Glasgow-based artist Skitter (Liam Stefani) and Curt Crackrach. Other music label releases include “High moon, Low sun”, her first solo album (2008),  “Neo Pi-R”, lp (2011), her double lp « Tumult in clouds » (2012), “De Fléchettes” with Skitter (2014), “Circles of upper and lower hell” (2018), “Movies for ears” (2019). Since 2019, she’s been taking part in the Cryptic Glasgow. 

Vinyl 33 rpm
Black Vinyl
with Black inner sleeve
500 copies

Gatefold Cardboard sleeve
with Inner sleeve
500 copies