First Album of Yves son ace.
20 tracks. Experimental synth noise pop.
"Unsung" is coming from a tape edition (unmastered) released on Night-People (beginning 2011) .
33 rpm, red transparent vinyl, 180gsm, limited edition of 300 copies.
Collage Art on cover sleeve by Matthew Ford.
Yves son Ace is the Solo side-project of Matthew Ford, member of Factums and Love Tan
New projects : Evening meetings and Dream salon.

20 tracks

Side A
1- in the whole
2- unsung
3- voices
4- don't lose the key
5- new life
6- dope in the morning
7- one sailor heard him say
8- battle hero
9- stand in line
10- on the ground

Side B
1- wallet song
2- every body
3- obsession for men
4- movement 1
5- tied up
6- wild noises
7- out of line
8- style promotion
9- anywhere but here
10- satisfied enough

300 copies
Out June 2012








Last year, Yves/Son/Ace, the solo project of Matthew Ford (Factums, Love Tan, Evening Meetings), released a limited cassette on Night People called Unsung. Being as perceptive as it is, French label La Station Radar — responsible for 2012 albums like Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier’s An Age Of Wonder and Blanche Blancehe Blanche’s Papas Proof — figured the music was so good it had to press it on vinyl. The result is a 20-track, 44-minute, 33 RPM, limited-to-300 album that’s as gritty as it is immediate as it is drugged-the-fuck-out. Unsung’s title track is the perfect example. The song is a desolate little number, with narcotic vocals and primitive beats nearly suffocating under the layers of yelping electronics. The accompanying video, by Robert Zverina, extends the detachment with hypnotic, distorted imagery that’s thoroughly disconnected and, quite frankly, terrifying. If this is the sound of pop as we draw closer to the apocalypse, we’re in for one dark and demented ride. If it’s not, then click play on the video below for “Unsung” and get ready for one dark and demented ride anyway.
Jul 30 2012 - By Mr P.

Yves/Son/Ace, déjà responsable en 2009 de deux cassettes sur Night People, Cold Showers et Parade Of Thoughts/Can’t Sleep, n’est autre que le projet en solitaire de Matthew Ford, par ailleurs membre de Factums, groupe post-punk lo-fi – à situer quelque part entre Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire ou Throbbing Gristle – auteur de deux LP via Siltbreeze Records (Alien Natives) et Sacred Bones Records (The Sistrum). Celui qui fut aussi batteur d’Intelligence – autre formation punk lo-fi de Seattle – poursuit son exploration des labels de bon goût mais traverse cette fois-ci l’Atlantique pour trouver refuge sur les sillons pressés de La Station Radar. Unsung, 12″ composé de vingt morceaux – relève de l’ode à l’expérimentalisme synth-pop et est disponible dès à présent en pre-order. Wallet, traduite par l’image selon le savoir-faire de Tyler Bosch, en est le premier extrait. Magnétique.
By Thibault Signourel

Nothing tastes as good as mutant feels. Here's a new addition to the mutant sound. Matthew Ford, of Seattle's noisy jagged post punks Factums and the stripped-down garage outfit Love Tan has a new solo project called YVES/SON/ACE. It's a ripped-apart cloudy pop noise Gorilla-glued onto the bitter sentimentality of the Northwest. "Dope in the Morning" starts out with a simple machine beat, played onto a reel-to-reel and turned way down. "And Then He Kissed Me", by the Crystals, is a possible basis for the melody, but it quickly loses the tune and moves into darker territory. Matthew's lyrics snake over the composition, pumping it full of visceral ugly-doll evil. It's possible that when he sings, his head is actually rotating completely around on it's axis. That's how dark it is. YVES/SON/ACE, "Dope in the Morning". He's put out an unmastered tape on Night-People, but now La Station Radar (<3) are putting out a 180 gram red transparent vinyl, limited to 300 copies with the sneaky/sexy artwork above. Also, check out this really great video by Seattle artist (and member of amazing Yoko Ono cover band the Ononos) Tyler Bosch. for another song on the record, "Wallet Song", below.

By Ari Spool

Interview of Matthew Ford
by Dave Segal

Yves / Son / Ace is the solo guise of Factums and Love Tan man Matthew Ford. ‘Unsung’ was previously released as an un-mastered cassette for the excellent Night People label and finally sees it’s way on to vinyl thanks to the lads at La Station Radar. What we’re dealing with here is pure experimental synth noise pop...and I use the word ‘pop’ in the loosest sense of the word. Primarily this is pretty frickin’ weird so the thread to pop is vague but Yves / Son / Ace aren’t shy when it comes to experimentalism. Smatterings of sparse electronics and skeletal dub effected beats play host to muffled, easily lost vocals that vary in tunefulness but are still pretty consistently strange. There’s occasional hints of guitar but for the most part this is a obscure lo-fi industrial record that is saved by dub recording techniques that give it a unique otherworldly feel. It’s like Forest Swords without the proper dub bass lines.

Curieusement même si le Unsung d'Yves / son / Ace est tout aussi expérimentale que L'album de Blanche Blanche Blanche, son mélange de synthé crépusculaire et de béats sales, évoquant Suicide, Chrome ou Cabaret Voltaire, parait presque plus accueillant ! Derriere ce curieux speudo se cache Matthew Ford, déjà aperçu au sein du trio noise expérimental Factums, avec lequel il ne faisait déjà pas dans le festif! Des son intro flippante "In the whole", ravivant le spectre industriel de Throbbing Gristle, on est averti: Unsung sera un voyage halluciné, partagé entre collages sonores expérimentaux, interludes quasi instrumentaux, et chansons courtes et lancinantes. Les mélodies sont réduites à peau de chagrin, mais pas totalement absentes, encore faut-il les trouver sous une prof Lo-fi et des effets qui salissent la voix de Ford. Malgré le format court de ces vignettes, l'album réserve quelques bonnes surprises qui suffisent à le rendre attrayant : de "dope in the morning" que ne renierait pas Frank Alpine, à la trame acoustique de "Satisfied in the morning" échappée d'une jan du Velvet, en passant par le grinçant " Tied Up" ou l'hypnotique "Wallet song", c'est l'âme d'Unsung qui nous est révélée.