Here is the second album of William Cody Watson aka Pink Priest, 2 long tracks composed in 2011,
each side of Swallow your dreams are an entire track.
Mastered by Pete Sawnson.
Art by James Hines.
All music, written and recorded by William Cody Watson.

A statement on the end of time, the end of a love.
Side A, "Pink Cream" the world is coming to an end, the beauty of that build up and the moment.
Side B, "Dead Sea" the aftermath realized and a thought on restructure.

Video By Geoffrey Sexton
Serving side A of "Swallow Your Dreams", the film for the track "Pink Cream"
Handstamped 3" dvd, with stills from the film printed on a double sided matte paperstock and folded transparency sheet
18 minutes 21 seconds. 24pA. 16:9. Stereo. All Regions. 3" Mini DVD-R
(These will jam up slot drives such as Macbooks. Only players with spindles or 3" indented trays are for these.)

"Swallow Your Dreams" LP w/insert poster + Handstamped 3" dvd,

Only 50 copies of the 3"mini dvdr - Sold out



Side A
Pink Cream 17:49

Side B
Dead Sea 18:21

250 copies
Out January 2012











I grew up off Lake Michigan, so I always appreciate any chance I get to watch an ocean come to shore. No matter how grand a wave, these smaller ripples always seem to slide alongside. Near the grand wave, or the constant movement of the ocean, these smaller waves suspend that movement, giving this feeling that is constant churning and complete peace. Perfectly framed motion.
There is nothing I can convey about Pink Priest’s latest LP, Swallow Your Dreams (La Station Radar) than visual descriptions that accompany suspense; a quiet pulling. Not unlike tide. On both sides of the LP, Pink Priest — a project of prolific noisemaker, experimental artist William Cody Watson — presents two extensive droning pieces. I hesitate to even call this drone — there’s such a feeling of suspension or stillness that Watson’s work even transcends the idea of a patient hand. On both sidelong excursions, Watson will open an extensive, synthetic theme. While that wax spins, that theme rolls forward, ever so slightly, capturing the listener in a perfectly framed state. Yet, at each moment an undercurrent appears, and before you know it, the entire scene shifts. You’ll hardly notice it; the air is so still, the sound incredibly steady. I hesitate to call Pink Priest’s efforts “unfolding.” Yet, “suspended” doesn’t do it justice, either — these extended droning works are not just still pieces. “Framed” captures the feeling; imagine a grand theme, any theme, progressing on its path, while smaller, subtly shifting elements provide you access to that grand theme at each moment. Each time you experience this LP, you will notice a different window into its theme. Its grand progression will not change; that’s engraved on wax. But, within those grooves, Pink Priest planted infinite undercurrents that will pull you into the grand picture.

July 2, 2012 By Nicholas Zettel

“The second vinyl LP from Arkansas’ stone-cold drone king Pink Priest is two 18-minute slabs of textural exploration, levitating tones, and implied melody. This music video for the entire A side of Swallow Your Dreams is like the dreams of a TV set left on overnight. Pieces of flipped channels, flickering color forms, slow frames moving in and out half-superimposed, pictures of domesticity contrasted with vast expanses of nature that could be the b-roll from a Nova special, weird fragments, all smashed together and dipped in some kind of static video buzz; dripping with atmosphere, virtuously boring and beautiful. William Cody Watson of PP says the album is about “the end of certain things, but also a realization of reconstruction, hope, decay, balance, and progression.” Pre-order it from French label La Station Radar.

OMG Vinyl
“William Cody Watson (aka Pink Priest) has slowly crept up the drone scene over the past couple of years. He’s incredibly prolific, releasing tapes on a virtual who’s-who list of experimental labels. “Swallow Your Dreams” should be considered his opus, an amazing piece of vinyl that Watson painstakingly constructed as one of the last recordings under his Pink Priest moniker ever. This one should cement him as one of the most exciting must-watch artists in the ambient/drone/experimental scene today”


Pink Priest ou l’odyssée opiacée du prolifique William Cody Watson. Non content d’abreuver le landerneau pop d’incroyables missives au bon goût irréfutable, tant par l’intermédiaire du label Bathetic Records – qu’il partage avec Jon Hency – que par le biais de l’excellent Impose Magazine, notre homme nous invite à nouveau sur les chemins de l’expérience auditive et sensorielle avec Swallow Your Dreams. Disponible via nos amis de La Station Radar (pré-order), ce LP/DVD bénéficie d’une mise en image par Geoffrey Sexton à la hauteur de l’introspective narration psychédélique. Soit le parfait contre-point d’un réveil en fanfare, grâce auquel on regagne vite ses pénates ouatées, entre déflagrations aériennes et bruissements oniriques.
w/ INTERVIEW + MIXTAPE By William Cody Watson

Much like Pink Priest's latent spirit, glowing like embers within the wall-of-noise husk of "Swallow Your Dreams", Geoffrey Sexton renders hallowed terrains against the very ordinary: an old lady goes through the daily dishes and men hit with hammers and tear off the floors to construct white-walled interiors, while irradiated light patterns layer the slowly shifting seasons, marked by changing leaves and glowing rivers. Where William Cody Watson's final piece under the Pink Priest moniker is a slow, unwavering crest that has little interest in the climax and the massive crescendo, Sexton's piece hovers over a suite of repeating imagery, which while not a direct proxy for the audio context, works as a shifty counter-narrative to the constant flow of textures. Both visual and audio tend towards the same messages: things don't change, unless you're tuned in. Pink Priest's final collection of two long tracks are available from La Station Radar.
September 13, 2011. By Jeremy Krinsley.


+ MIXTAPE By William Cody Watson
Parmi les dizaines de disques de drone, ou de post-noise, qui sortent depuis quelques années, peu parviennent encore à accrocher les oreilles. Celui-ci y est parvenu d’emblée : il s’agit de Swallow Your Dreams, deuxième album de Pink Priest pour le label français La Station Radar et l’écouter, tout en regardant sa pochette, donne une impression d’apocalypse achevé. Comme si l’on était déjà au-delà de tout ce qui se trame. Ecoutant le disque, l’envie est forte de le coller contre les images rendues muettes des blockbusters de fin du monde, récents, genre Le Jour d’Après. Il les rendrait, c’est une certitude, bien plus effrayants. Et si l’on rechignait à faire cela, Pink Priest s’est fendu d’un petit film qui accompagne son vinyle sous la forme d’un mini dvd réalisé par Geoffrey Sexton. Pour fêter tout cela, il a aussi pris le temps de faire une mixtape pour ce blog. En voici le contenu.
March, 2012.