All music written and recorded in March 2011 on Yamaha MT8X.
33rpm • 180 gsm vinyl.
Artwork by Zach Phillips.

Blanche Blanche Blanche are the duo of singer Sarah Smith and keyboardist Zach Phillips
(who also runs OSR label). They play melodically complex but catchy pop songs about
relationships and other life-type stuff. Papas proof is 12 melodically pop songs.
Papas Proof LP is coming out with "Wink With Both Eyes" LP on Night people and "Our Place" on Feeding Tube.

12 tracks

Side A
1- The game
2- The North Cave
3- Chain Of Relief
4- My Plane Is Falling
5- In The Ring
6- Me Quentin

Side B
7- Papas Proof
8- Vermont Reservation
9- Do Or Die
10- Green Light
11- Lightweight
12- 24 Hours To Midnight

300 copies
Out, 22th June 2012.










"Two brand new LP offerings by the mighty La Station Radar, and one tune of each for an exclusive first Friday afternoon listen right here. Moreover, it's also a blissful juxtaposition of finest contemporary outsider pop. The first record is another full-length by Blanche Blanche Blanche, who'd only recently released their first LP in 2012, the brilliant Wink With Both Eyes on Night-People. Follow-up Papas Proof was recorded in March 2011 on a Yamaha MT8X - needless to say, the twelve tracks on this effort take the same line as those on the outfit's previous work. Listen to the title track below, a typically brief, stupendously catchy pop gem...."
June, 22, 2012 By Henning Lahmann

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"I love xylophones, but bongos and washed-out oceans sounds are a close second. Blanche Blanche Blanche’s “Green Light” totally captures that close second in the “solo” section of the track; very “Soul Sacrifice” maybe. Maybe-maybe Blanche Blanche Blanche, a.k.a. keyboardist Zach Phillips and singer Sarah Smith, are overdoing it on releases this year. Don’t matter...Just, I have no idea what Blanche Blanche Blanche are singing about in this song, but ya-ya it’s catchy. Traffic catchy. (OMG: I hate driving in New York!) Yeah, this song is all about traffic. But Blanche Blanche Blanche’s off-poppy jangles are unusually soothing on the road. And they also weirdly remind me of college and my ex-girlfriend, but in a good way. All world-building. Maybe just my own world. But they definitely provide an atmosphere for listeners to build a personalized world...."

July, 13, 2012.
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"we nearly skipped over the fact that Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips, the pair behind our beloved Blanche Blanche Blanche, released ANOTHER full length record on French label La Station Radar. They helpfully put some tracks up for us to check out and share with you. "The game" is the starter to the record, and it features a really lovely almost a-capella vocal harmony to start it up, backed by a crunchy guitar solo, but at 0:45 it brings in the whole "orchestra", so to speak. Track two, "The North Cave" is a bit of an arrhythmic lament on insecurity, with Smith's vocals darting in and out of the music..."
July 17, 2012 BY Ari Spool

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"The more hyperactive, odd-numbered tendencies of outsider pop duo Blanche Blanche Blanche have this strange ability of making people ask "what planet are these two from?". Zach Philips and Sarah Smith's off-kilter humor, shocking turns of song development, and intimately engineered sonic sheen elude comparisons to much else, but their best songs are firmly rooted in the occasionally banal and always essential art of human contact. On their recently released LP for La Station Radar, Papas Proof, the same inimitable style channels a universal sense of relation, particularly on the measured clockwork cycles of album closer "24 Hours To Midnight"...."
July 24, 2012 by Matt Sullivan

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"Blanche Blanche Blanche est l’une des créatures dégingandées sorties tout droit du cerveau de Zach Phillips, génial stakhanoviste à l’imagination sans limite, d’OSR Tapes - son label – à Nals Goring, Sord, GDC et plus récemment Motion, ses autres casquettes patronymiques. Épaulé de Sarah Smith dans son déchaînement discographique estampillé 2012 – pas moins de six parutions à se mettre sous la dent cette année -, la paire n’a de cesse d’évoquer par le biais de ses comptines ultra lo-fi, au synthétisme pop décharné, un juste milieu inimaginable et inénarrable, entre Young Marble Giants, John Maus et The Space Lady. La preuve par deux albums divulgués quasi conjointement sur les labels Night People et La Station Radar - respectivement Wink With Both Eyes et Papas Proof - enregistrés tout deux en 2011 et dénombrant à eux seuls pas moins de vingt-huit morceaux à l’esthétisme bancal et alambiqué, mais néanmoins nervuré jusqu’à l’extrême bidouillage...."
August, 8, 2012 By Thibault Signourel

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Mixtape For OBSESSION by Blanche Blanche Blanche
"On ignore tout de Blanche Blanche Blanche, groupe américain, qui a surgi via les réseaux sociaux circa 2011 : quelques vidéos plutôt épatantes mettaient l’eau à la bouche et faisaient entendre des morceaux un peu branlants mais très pop, menés par une production plutôt synthétique et faite à la maison, portés enfin par une voix naturellement hypnotique. Le tout évoquait quelques-unes des frictions qui eurent lieu dans les années 80 entre la pop et la musique industrielle, avec quelque chose de très contemporain aussi, notamment dans l’enchevêtrement des arrangements, légèrement décatis, légèrement psychotiques, aussi. Ces temps-ci, le groupe a sorti plusieurs disques sur divers labels, dont un tout en vinyle, sur le label français La Station Radar. Et pour fêter tout ça, le groupe nous a livré une mixtape où l’on peut entendre certains de leurs morceaux favoris..."
October, 25, 21012 By Joseph Ghosn
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Thursday, March 14, 2013 By David Perron
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