45 rpm

Face A
Cyclocardoray - Featuring collaboration w/ R Stevie Moore and Dan Burns

Face B
Synthessiah - Featuring collaboration w/ Shahzad Ismaily

Art by Nathan Linkous
All music written, arranged, and recorded by Aaron Roche.

Aaron Roche / Guitars, Bass, Voice, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Samples, Synthe...
Anthony Lamarca / Casio
Abigail Doukhan / Strings
Dan Burns / drums, Vocal
R.Stevie Moore / Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Shahzad Ismaily / Drums, Voice, Moog


Side A
cyclocardoray 4:34

Side B
Synthessiah 4:33

300 copies
Out 27, April 2012.







CYCLOCARDORAY • by Jonathan Dueck


I'm always happy to talk about R. Stevie, he's really an inspiration and forefather in a lot of ways to literally everything going on currently and it's great to hear him working with this generation of fans and artists working alongside Mr. lo-fi. Getting the recognition he deserves and within his lifetime...it's a great thing.
Aaron himself is a multitalented instrumentalist who's responsible for the arrangements and playing pretty much everything on this..there's not a whole lot of info out there, and coming out of the gate with Stevie is an impressive start...best served up on a seven inch platter. A-Side's "Cyclocardoray" has a massive dense sound, huge chorus guitars, real dreamy, winding up violins, (probably real ones), they pulled some orchestral musicians in here, going for the extreme opposite of lower fidelity. Extremely laid back; acoustics, slow brush rolls on the snare, coming off like Beck's Sea Change album. A little bit blues but more psych if you can lean that way weaving this slow ride. The lyric influence from Stevie is definitely evident in even that song title and baritone backing vocal...this is a real restrained, ultra slow number, just trudging through molasses, all the vocals blurring together in a low muddle of whispering. All the instruments are epicly recorded, with lots of room, jazzing it up with fills, free to improv around, a real space daydream that grows and grows to multiple vocals layers and delay on strings, brass woodwind and ... who knows, they pulled out the stops to get this almost full orchestra drone, an overwhelming pile of etheria. "Synthessiah" on the B-Side is with Shahzad Ismaily and is a lonely acoustic surrounded again by big time space, weird little blips and muffled glitches, it has a real quiet, almost intimate, home recorded space, but with an epic, regal distance around it, like Sufjan can. Really close and far at the same time. Quiet almost whispered vocals pile up on each other. Rapid scratching of a metal string with the underlying room tone of a spaceship. Aaron's taking this as 'produced as possible' approach without getting too shiny, just clean sounding, and I think that's a hard thing to do, to consciously go this overboard, but not too compressed and gated, working at capturing those interestong sounds in a really perfect way....the subtle sine waves fading in and out. Another side of that nearly ambient pop kind of sound. Big and airy... acoustic sludgy psych. That's the twitter review.
FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012 by Jason Dean

I still have a mini-disc EP Aaron Roche made a few years back called The Fred Farkus Christmas EP. The sleeve of this thing is taped together with a wad of shredded cardboard he found outside his house. That kind of presentation somehow embodies Aaron’s commitment to prolifically and adventurously experiment with music, and it always comes across with sincerity. This ethos is one he shares with co-conspirator and “veteran progressive popster” R. Stevie Moore. This time around, Roche has churched up his presentation and is back in town promoting his 7-inch split with Pakistani composer Shazad Ismaily on the French imprint La Station Radar. The A-side is Roche’s gorgeous symphonic collaboration with R. Stevie Moore and Dan Burns (Action!, The BIV), titled “Cyclocardoray.” This bad boy is audacious, psychedelic, warm and dependably intimate. Back in town from The Big Apple to do some recording with various former Middle Tennessee cronies, Roche’s return to The Basement is sure to be a treat for the books.
Feb, 2, 2012 By Kyle R. Williams

Here’s something interesting. The legendary R Stevie Moore and the experimental Shahzad Ismaily team up with Dan Burns to make a few tracks with Aaron Roche. The results of this collaboration are nothing short of awesome, and well worth a listen. The blending of indie rock, gentle psyche and mellow folk create a smoothie of sound. It’s something artists and music lovers should take note of, as this is done so effortlessly and perfectly that I think this recording will set new precedents. The influences here are evident and rather than sounding like a rehash of old, worn out music, the final product sounds new, dreamy and profound while still giving the feeling of a half forgotten, hazy memory of years gone by. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but that’s how I see it. The A-side is a gem. An instantly likable track, it floats along, barrowing tiny traces of psyche, indie and folk, perhaps like mixing Fleet Foxes, REM, Amorphous Androgynous and the Verve together, but adding shots of bittersweet dreams, smoke and nostalgia trips. This track is thick and astonishingly well produced. This is a must-hear track, something perfect to welcome the oncoming heat of summer with. The B-side travels on a similar path. Hushed acoustic guitar, softer percussion and melodically layered vocals give this the same semi-dream state feel as the opening track. The pitch of the vocals is a bit higher, though the genre blend is still very much the same. Lyrically, this piece holds up extremely well. I can see this track getting onto an indie/art film soundtrack as well as entertaining folks on the radio. Flawless. Should you buy this? I know my review is a tad bit short, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Fans of the aforementioned genres should love this, and even if you’re not, you should at least check this out. Like I said, this is an extremely likable release and the craftsmanship is excellent. Take a listen and/or order it here.
May 13, 2012 by tuning in to the obscure

On last year's Plainspeak, multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche was a classicist chameleon, orchestrating varied forays into symphonic singer/songwriting that brought to mind everything from Jeff Buckley to the Punch Brothers' The Blind Leaving The Blind suite. The swells of the string section let you know that his ambitions as an arranger remain equally grandiose, but the bewitching melody and casually dramatic unfolding of "Cyclocardoray"-- a collaborative ballad with R. Stevie Moore and Action! member Dan Burns-- prove to be a breakthrough in songwriting for Roche that The Church would be envious of. Big shout out to No Fear of Pop for noticing this overlooked outsider pop gem; peep the video for some charming footage of the always-lovable Moore. The "Cyclocardoray" b/w "Synthessiah" 7" is available as a limited edition on La Station Radar. "Cyclocardoray" will also be the closing track of Roche's !BlurMyEyes full-length due to drop on July 3rd.
May 23, 2012 by Matt Sullivan

La Station Radar déballait visiblement ses cadeaux le 21 de ce mois de décembre avec, dans le costume du Père Noël, R. Stevie Moore, accompagnant, le temps du morceau Cyclocardoray, le multi-instrumentiste patenté Aaron Roche. Première face d’un 7″ surprise, fruit de deux collaborations – l’autre étant savamment menée en compagnie de Shahzad Ismaily – Cyclocardoray navigue dans les eaux d’une folk expérimentale tout en bénéficiant d’une vidéo, confectionnée par Jonathan Dueck, à la hauteur de son onirisme gracile et obsédant. Plus largement, ce vinyle 7″ sortant fin janvier – que l’on peut pré-commander par ici - est à considérer tel l’appendice intimiste de rencontres déjà initiées depuis quelques lustres entre les trois musiciens, ayant abouti notamment en aout 2011 à l’album !BlurMyEyes - disponible digitalement et physiquement par là.

Die schlichten daten: tracklist: cyclocardoray / synthessiah, die protagonisten: aaron roche nebst r. stevie moore und shazad ismaily. das ganze auf 7inch, in einer auflage von 300 kopien, aufgenommen für la station radar. der vorverkauf beginnt und sollte von Euch nicht länger übersehen werden, sonst werdet Ihr übersehen. mit streichern, glanz und gloria gefällt der ausflug des brooklyner musikers nebst seiner kumpane ganz ausgezeichnet.
March, 29, 2012.

Sur son 45t collaboratif pour la station radar, le touche à tout Aaron Roche s'acoquine avec le pape du Lo-fi R. Stevie Moore pour une surprenante face A, "Cyclocardoray" qui nous ramène dans les années 90, quelques part entre Idaho et Beck, avec en sus des arrangements de cordes ambitieux. Plus en retrait, la face B, "Synthessiah", partagée avec le bassiste Shazad Ismaily, pose une ambiance plus acoustique, cette fois digne des Red House Painters. Un mélange exquis qui présente un seul défaut : sa durée. Pour ceux qui resteraient donc sur leur faim, Roche vient juste de sortir !Blur my eyes, album tout en nuances, qui reprend peu ou prou les mêmes ingrédients (avec un poil plus d'expérimentations instrumentales)
Par Arnaud Lemoine.